Partnering with SELENE

Established in 2007, SELENE’s Chocolate specialises in premium Belgian Chocolate and French Patisseries. Crafted with passion, our chocolate products and gifts have distinctive quality and attention to detail. In the past decade, our brand has been growing from strength to strength. Now leading by our European Master Chocolatier Arno Backes, Selene’s Chocolate will continuously introduce new products and drive market competitiveness in the industry. Chocolate is about sharing,  gratitude. Love and happiness. We aim to deliver SELENE’s unique chocolate experience, through our specialty chocolate boutiques all over the world and become a recognisable franchise that assures success. 

We assist you each step of the way. Our professional team at Selene’s conducts a full market study and helps you set up the commercial part. We also provide you with invaluable support, including:


  • Site selection
  • Drawings and layouts
  • Training
  • High quality products
  • Marketing support 
  • Support at the sales level
  • Continuous operational support


The franchise agreement is normally 5 to 7 years long and is renewable based on the company’s evaluation of the brand development in your territory. 

To start your own success story with SELENE, fill out this form. For all your queries or for additional info, kindly contact us on: